TR 808 x Thinking Different BMX Bike: Pairing Legacy with Innovation


 By: Franziska Pugh

By Staff Writer

There are two ways to create culture. One is to build something so innovative that the power of its capability changes human behavior. The other is to maintain current ways of thinking and adhere to the status quo. While revolutionizing the norm is an act of rebellion, that's what Thinking Different does every day; reinvents technology and turns it into something everybody can enjoy. 


Legendary means many things - creating one of the most revolutionary drum machines to date, the TR-808, is one of them. A machine behind the hit songs of Marvin Gaye, Timbaland, Kanye West and Whitney Houston also built a foundation for curious thinkers to experiment and create sounds in a way that was never dreamt of before. Continuing on the journey of experimentation, US based designer Thinking Different did just that by creating a one-of-a-kind Roland TR-808 BMX Bike.



Thinking Different’s admiration for disruptive technology was sparked at a young age  when its father brought home a Macintosh computer from a local garage sale. Ultimately learning design on a MacBook, Thinking Different dedicated its life to collecting vintage art and fashion with a mission to push the boundaries of how technology and art are conceived. Always a doer, Thinking Different memorialized its growth as an artist on the Roland Juno and ultimately the TR-909, both of which symbolized how innovation could transform experiences and catapult industries into the future.


Once a renowned designer in the fashion industry, Thinking Different has decided to hide its identity by constructing a freedom from current socialty frameworks that often stunts expressive forms. This creates an outlet for the pseudonymous designer to shape the rebellious energy of hacking what you’re not supposed to by simultaneously reinventing what is.



The creator behind the TR-808 BMX Bike, Thinking Different, took a classic bike frame from the 1980s and combined it with the design of the legendary TR-808 machine - the result being a masterpiece proving that great design can always be reworked and reinterpreted. Breaking the norms by bringing a street element to technology, Thinking Different masterfully formulated a piece of history to be enjoyed by more than just music lovers. Just as Roland’s momentous past cultivates nostalgia, Thinking Different's ability to bring it’s imagination to life is a true representation of its ability as a creative disruptor.


With influences like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, Thinking Different’s passion for translating sci-fi and tech into unprecedented collections is leaving a strong legacy for early adopters and underground masterminds alike. And just as the type of movement found in the TR-808 bike is unparalleled to Roland’s masterpieces, this exclusive collaboration embodies the pursuit of forward motion and imagination. Thinking Different has reimagined vintage technology and turned it into something that can be experienced by everybody.





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By: Owen Hynes